Annnndddd We're Back!

Greetings good people.

I know it has been FOREVER since I've posted anything new. I apologize. Things have been crazy at home. In the times span of a couple months, we have had some big life change, and things aren't done changing, but I'm finally in a space where I can take a breath and pick some things back up that have fallen to the wayside. 

To catch you guys up on what's been happening: the wife got a new job, which moved some scheduling around for us. We moved further into the city so that I could be closer to my job. We moved on a Sunday, by that Friday, by the grace of God, I had a new job offer out of the blue. So, I've officially transitioned out of one career into a totally different one. We've changed churches, B3 is changing schools, and all of this among the backdrop of all of the other normal craziness that life offers. 

What does this mean for the blog? Well, Doing The Dad Thing isn't going anywhere. I started this blog to tell my story, and to encourage other dads out there.

After a brief hiatus, I'm even more dug-in than before. My goal is still to tell my story and offer encouragement to other fathers, but I also want to create a community of dads who desire to be leaders in their homes, focus on Christ-centered fatherhood, talk about the issues that we often believe we have to face alone. 

So check back weekly for new blog posts. I look forward to sharing my journey as a father and hearing from you guys.

Still Doing The Dad Thing


Don't Forget Dads

Here at Doing The Dad Thing, I love to talk about all things Dad. So, of course, I was excited when I came across the Instagram account "Don't Forget Dads". It's a great page that's dedicated to showing fatherhood in its many facets. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we could talk about this page for eternity. I encourage you to see for yourself and follow the page, after you've followed Doing The Dad Thing on IG of course lol. Below are a few of my favorites.

1. Nothing says dad like when your baby is milk wasted, your beard is fly, and there is a stack of wipes behind.

2.Putting on baby weight doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

3. Sometimes, nap time isn't really nap time. 

4. Then sometimes, nap time is everybody.

5. Dads lift their kids to new heights.

6. A father's love needs no filter.

7. The moment you hold your world in your hands.

8. Dads: For the time mom is gonna say no to the fun stuff.

9. Dads teach and create space to learn.

10. A father's love provides protection and comfort.

Do you have favorite Dad photo? Share it with us! Post it on Instagram and tag it with #DoingTheDadThing we might feature it on our page!

Losing the Hair with Harry's

If you haven't heard, the beard is gone. 

*Insert reverent moment of silence*

That means I have to get used to shaving for a while. I miss the beard, but I have to make sure that I'm taking care of my face until a suitable time for the man mask to grow back. Now, I've been out of the shaving game for a while now, so with my return to a regular shaving schedule, I was confronted with a litany of different products and shaving options. Since a lot of dads shave, I figured I'd try a bunch of different products and talk about what I liked the most.

The first thing that was waiting for me back in the land of baby smoothness: Razors. Geez, these things are expensive. I wasn't ready to drop 20 bucks on a handle and two blades, especially if this shaving thing was going to be a regular occurrence. So, I decided to opt for one of the more inexpensive options, a shaving subscription box. After a quick comparison, I decided to go with Harry's. I chose Harry's for a couple of reasons. 

  • The Trial set is free. There is $3 shipping, but still. Dollar Shave Club trial set is $5.
  • Harry's subscription plan is cheaper month to month. I get 8 blades every two months. In contrast, DSC would run me about $18/month. 
  • I like the style and design aesthetic of Harry's over DSC. I know that this one is a bit personal, but it's important. 
  • They donate a percentage of their sales and their employees time to charity. It's great to support change with something as simple as a shave.


Harrys Arrival.jpg

It took about a week for the box to arrive. The items were smartly packaged.


The save was pretty smooth. I'm happy with this product, and I'm looking forward to shaving for a while. I might try a few more products and let you guys know how it goes.

Before I sign off, a couple things to cover:

  • I'm still raising diapers for the Houston Diaper Bank. Any diaper donations can be sent to: Bradford Traywick 9818 Fry Rd. Ste #150-19 Cypress, TX 77433
  • There were some complications with the first venue for the big diaper event, so it has been moved and postponed to January 13th, 2018. I'll be releasing more details right after Christmas. 
  • I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of initial support. I only hope it continues and spreads. 

Have a very Merry Christmas!